An introductory video-based course on the US beauty market for Italian companies. This course is free and open to all Italian beauty companies.


Course Overview & Syllabus

The US Beauty Market Bootcamp is a series of seven videos providing a high-level overview on the US beauty market specifically designed for Italian beauty brands.

What Consumers Want

Think you know what US consumers want? We'll discuss what Americans look for in beauty brands and cover some recent sales statistics. 

What Retailers Need

What do you need to do to approach a US-based retailer? We'll discuss what retailers look for in new beauty brands and how best to prepare.

Key Differences in US

The US market operates differently than every other market in the world. We'll discuss key differences brands need to be aware of before launching.

Course Format

The US Beauty Market Bootcamp is a seven video series presented in a lecture format with slides and voiceover track in English. All slides are available for download as PDF. 


Think You're Ready to Launch in the US?

All companies interested in joining the Beauty Made in Italy program must first attend the US Beauty Market Bootcamp. In this course, you'll learn all about the US beauty market and consumer.


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