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Welcome to Beauty Made in Italy's online training program for Italian beauty companies looking to enter and grow in the US market. 

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Beauty Made in Italy Online Training Program

Designed exclusively for Italian beauty companies looking to enter and grow in the US beauty market, the program includes:

US Beauty Market Bootcamp

An introductory course on the US beauty market for Italian companies. This program is open to all Italian beauty companies.

Member Resource Library

Private resource for member companies that includes exclusive webinars, research reports, news articles, and more. 

Member Online Forum

Private networking forum for member companies to discuss opportunities, business needs, and share resources.

New to the US market? 

Our programs are designed to support Italian beauty companies as they enter and grow in the US market. All companies start with the US Beauty Market Bootcamp and upon completion are eligible to apply to the Beauty Made in Italy membership program.


Completed the Bootcamp?
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Once you've completed the US Beauty Market Bootcamp, Italian companies are eligible to apply the Beauty Made in Italy Online membership program. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions. Have a question not answered here? Use the Contact section to ask us.

As a member of the Beauty Made in Italy program, companies have access to the following:

  • Beauty Made in Italy Online - our digital training program including webinars, community forum, Coffee Break mini trainings, and a resource library.
  • Participation in promotional opportunities such as pop up shops, influencer campaigns, luxury gifting suites, and more. 
  • Individual support through the Beauty Made in Italy team to answer questions, provide referrals, and act as a knowledgeable guide to the US market.


Any Italian-incorporated entity in the beauty and personal care sectors is eligible to apply for the program. 

Companies that manufacture in Italy but are not headquartered or incorporated in Italy are not eligible at this time. 

Each level of the Beauty Made in Italy program is designed to meet companies where they are in their efforts to launch and grow in the US market. 

The Business Incubator is for companies that are researching and considering the US market as potential new entry. They have not yet established activities in the market and their products are not yet widely available. The focus for companies in the Business Incubator is to learn about the market and consumer behavior, so they can take the next steps and invest to launch in the US. 

The Brand Accelerator is for companies whose products are widely available in the US - specifically from a branded ecommerce site. These companies have dedicated teams and funds for the US market and a strong understanding of the market and consumer. The focus for companies in the Brand Accelerator is to expand their business in the US by additional promotion and marketing support. 

The Italian Beauty Council is for heritage Italian brands that do not need marketing or operational support or assistance. Council members are executives and professionals from the beauty industry including heritage brands, hairstylists, makeup artists, aestheticians, and other beauty industry experts. The Italian Beauty Council guides the conversation and narrative on Italian beauty in the US market through media events such as panel discussions, and mentorship programs supporting other Beauty Made in Italy companies.

The Beauty Made in Italy program was founded by the Italian Trade Agency and Cosmetica Italia, with support from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. 

There is no cost for Italian-incorporated beauty companies to participate in the Beauty Made in Italy program at this time. 

The application process for the Beauty Made in Italy program includes four steps or phases: 

  1. Complete the US Beauty Market Bootcamp.
  2. Register with ICE Roma via email
  3. Complete Intake Form shared via email. 
  4. Schedule Introduction Call to identify target goals and review program offering.

Companies looking to join the Beauty Made in Italy program apply by contacting ICE Roma via email at [email protected]. 

Once accepted to the program, they will next be contacted via email to complete an Intake Form online about their current business operations and plans for the US market. 

Upon completing the Intake Form, companies will be asked to schedule an Introduction Call to speak with a member of the team and walk through the answers provided in the Intake Form, review the program, and identify the three target goals for the year in their US market efforts. 

Companies will then be held accountable via quarterly phone calls with the Beauty Made in Italy team to discuss progress in those three target goals. 

Master distributors are rarely used in the US market anymore and the few that exist are rarely willing to pioneer an unknown brand. We do not provide lists of distributors to member companies as part of the Beauty Made in Italy program.

We strongly suggest all companies looking to enter the US market to start with a direct-to-consumer strategy, and digital marketing efforts to prove your concept and generate demand before approaching potential retailers. 

Have you taken the US Beauty Market Bootcamp? If not, start there to learn about how the US market operates differently than the rest of the world. 

"The Beauty Made in Italy program provides great help to companies looking to launch or expand their reach in the US market. The expertise provided is unparalleled and companies should tap into the resources offered which can help expand in such a competitive market such as the United States. "

Gabriel Balestra
President, Branding & Merchandising - Skin&Co. Roma

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